First Post, First Day

I’m to start this writing blog off with a topic of why I write, this is in regards to a month-long process of writing 101 and I hope to read some good stories from others in this same starting group for November. So here it is.

I write because… To be honest, because I don’t know…

May I start with a few years ago, around 6 I do believe, I used to write but only a little. This bizarre and extremely foreign occurence would come to me whilst in an extreme upset mood, yes I’m talking about wallowing in a sheet puddle of tears due to what i believe was a form of depression (that is another story, that might not get told). I would write, yes write, poems to be exact. I wrote poems that only I would see and they would be written about the events that led me to be upset, it would be brief but complete. 10 minutes and I would have one written out with me left thinking “how the hell?” but also with me feeling better like the ink on paper slowly draining from pen was carrying away my sorrows from within and leaving them there on the page.

Fast forwarding to now.

I write (type), currently, to perhaps produce a novel. Whether it becomes published or not I don’t care, I know it will not be good enough and that is ok because practice is all I am after. I write because I don’t want to be apart of the young world filled with mobile phones glued to face and fingers, a personality of a stick and the social skills of a cat (we all know the use humans to get benefits those damn cute little felines). But mostly I write because I know it will improve me as a person, vocabulary, happiness, true friendships not based on a type of  blind social status thought up by bad sorts, to tell stories for all to enjoy, the list could go on but i think you understand. I want to improve me, I want to be clear on improve and not change, I’m happy with who I am but I want to be the best me I can be.

For those who have read this, I do thank you for your time and I will be following this month process closely (I hope I can keep up) and by then end I wish to be at least a chapter into my book with the kickstart of my artistic mind to habit a day-to-day writing procedure to incorporate in my life.

Wishing you a good night/day,
Yours truly.

4 thoughts on “First Post, First Day

  1. Best of luck on your book. I am currently trying for the fourth time to write a book on a specific topic. I posted the first chapter on my blog recently. I know what I want to write, I just need to find the time to do it. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more.

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    1. I will have a search of your blog when just get home from work today and see if I can find it to give a read, I feel I will be posting up sections of my book as well and see what people think of it and to receive criticism. I do hope you find the time to write even if it is for 30 minutes of a day and all you jot down is two words, at least you made the effort.

      Hopefully you can take something away from this article.

      All the best Kathy!

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  2. I just read the intro, it’s sad to go through but of course found myself not wanting to stop. I hope you can persevere through the emotional struggle and get it finished.

    Good vibes sent your way


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