Make a list.- Day 2


Gee that was easy to convince wasn’t it? Haha. Previously, taking a seat at my writing desk after a wonderfully productive day at work, a quick session at the gym cut short due to knee pains sustained at work today (not happy) and now all showered scoffing down a bowl of the usual my-eyes-are-bigger-than-my-stomach butter chicken and rice.

I’m to write this list for the day two writing 101 and i’m going to choose all three of the list headings to write about, i believe 5 majors of each should do.

Things I Like:

  • The Beach.
  • An intellectual and if not, sustained conversation.
  • Food.
  • Friendship.
  • Looking at other peoples house interior. (nice ones)

Things I have Learnt:

  • Chivalry in generations 1990 till now is 99.9% dead.
  • A simple yet powerful quote ‘Be like water my friend’.
  • To have confidence and pride in myself.
  • That etiquette both male and female is also 99.9% dead.
  • Human beings are a terrible species.

Things I Wish:

  • To be able to have an adventurous life.
  • To be able to fly without use of machines.
  • To have my own house designed and on a block of land big enough for self sustainability. 😀
  • That i can meet my one true soulmate soon.
  • To be the best that i can be

Thank you all for reading, I enjoyed this little project and I look forward to the  next piece of assessment.

Wish you all well.

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