The journey begins..

For those of you tuning in and have read my first ever post it mentions something about me wanting to write a novel. This is my current first page rough draft of anything fictional that I have ever wrote and shared to the public. FEEL DAMN PRIVILEGED!! hehe, just joking. I’m happy to share even if there is a negative outcome but that will only make me work harder, so in turn to that i say thank you.

Now without any further procrastination or ramblings here is the first page (as far as i have gotten at this point) of my novel in the making.


“Dad, I’m coming!”. Sebastian called back. “This pick axe is heavy”.
“Hurry son, we don’t have much time left”.
I know we don’t, Sebastian thought to himself with frustration and nervousness, this isn’t the first time he’s crept out to the old silver mine with his father.
Speaking softly to his horse.
“Come on Waldermar”.
He pulled the old leather reins wrapped in his hand, cracked and dried fibers scratching against this young skin.
Waldemar let out a snort of annoyance that bellowed in the surrounding canyon walls, it was an ominous sound echoing back from the shadows, but the steed followed obediently.
His fathers pick axe was lugged over shoulder, it bounced up and down with each step along the forgotten back mountain trail.
There was a cold wind out, blowing its brisk breeze, cascading through trees and being directed by the flow of the valley and rocks within. This didn’t put Sebastian at ease as the sun was almost below the horizon long eclipsed by the natural walls with which he walks, his father was not phased.

So ahh yeah, enjoy and hopefully will have some more thrown up down the line of time.

All the best.

@meredith thank you for being eager to read any of my work that i was willing to put up, I hope you like

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