A Story in a Single Image – Day 4

Today we write from a selected picture to invent a post as yesterday we had chosen a single word to present the same. Here is my little tale.


My hands were ice, I forgot to grab my mittens but managed to steal my blue jacket being held by the coat rack at the door running through at full stride. I knew if there was any chance for surviving my escape, it would start with this. I could see my breath in the crisp air, how long was I running for? It seemed like miles before I came to a halt within the depths of these accursed pine barrows. As a kid I would play on the border gazing in at the magic it held, oh how innocent the mind of a child is. That’s the one thing missed most is not seeing the danger, or not knowing in the first place, in everything that is around you. I fumbled in the pockets of my pants for his phone, numb fingers grasping at in-animates and unknowns was all that registered in my mind since the sense of touch was completely removed from my wrists to the tips of my now ghostly white appendages. The feeling of being watched was all to present now the world has slowed down, I can see and hear clearly instead of feeling the blistering wind stinging my eyes and making them water or the deafening whisper of wind in my ears. There was a rustle behind me, distant, but gaining ground. I had to find my phone fast, I had to get a call out to Jack before it was too late. Maybe he could help me? Maybe he will come looking? I don’t expect him to after how I treated him, leaving him running after the car with tears in his eyes calling me back to him, I miss him so much. Finally, my phone was foreign in my dead like hand but my brain knew enough to make it work even without the luxury of touch. It started to ring, I started to walk. Tall pines passing with every few steps, a lengthy maze of trunks but no walls besides the sea of brown that may have passed for one. I couldn’t see the end, I had to keep moving, my fear still had a firm grasp on my instincts and all it queried was, MOVE! Running with phone in hand and hand placed against what I think was my ear, god it’s so cold I can’t tell, the reassuring sound of a dial tone cut through the air blowing past. “hello this is Jack?” Jack said concerned. “JACK HELP! HE IS AFTER ME!” I screamed. “Amanda?” His tone emitted confusion as if he couldn’t believe if it really was me. “Amanda, where are you?” “In the pine barons” I replied “You… You were right, I shouldn’t have left”. Jacks voice filled with urgency “Get somewhere safe now and call me straight away, I’m coming to find you now! Run Amanda, RUN!” I should have listened to him, my legs were burning with each foot fall, I just want him to hold me again so I know it’s all over, tears streamed down my cheeks. I was running harder than I have in my life, only because this time my life was on the line, he was after me. Time was lost and everything was a blur of brown, coldness and silence apart from the occasional whoosh of wind slithering through the trees. Through my own chaos the silence was suddenly broken, an all too familiar metallic screech followed by a thunderous crack. He could see me, he knew how to hunt and I was the prey, I couldn’t see him. Darting through trees I couldn’t help but let out a yell for help of anyone near by…

Unfortunately this is where the tale lies. Again this one is unedited although I have spent more time writing it out. Hope you all enjoyed.

Now it is time for me to hit the hay but I also wish you all a good day/night and all the best.

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