The Space to Write – Day 6

So we are writing about our space, where it is that our writing is taken in the physical.

Currently mine is at a desk I got off of a trading site ( for free, which was actually pretty lucky! It was a beat up old thing when I first picked it up and it still is, except for the part that’s used to store and write/type at.
So to actually tell you what it is. It’s probably only a couple of years old and not sure where you would have bought it. It’s made from chipboard pieces so relatively cheap and in the shape of a wardrobe. It has a set of swing out doors at the bottom and two shelves, one smaller, one bigger, at the top. As for the middle, a door swings down and is fixed now by chains that I installed and it becomes a desk. It’s beautiful although tacky for me since it is where I can unwind and write posts such as this, even play a few games or two on my laptop. inside the main compartment are more shelves both vertical and horizontal to store all your little treasures you may have, it also features a lockable compartment inside and an old brass cased light to shine down on your work as you plod away.

This is my space to write so far and I can’t wait for the future of my own home to be able to create my dream space. That’s a post for another time.

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